This problem is at the very heart of TRT as sex is a very important part of most adults’ lives. It is generally believed that a connection exists between low testosterone and ED or erectile dysfunction. How true is this, though? While testosterone and sex drive are often linked together, and low T may and often results in low libido, there is no evidence that a low testosterone level has any bearing on erectile dysfunction directly.

If you are a man with normal testosterone levels, then it is highly unlikely that your ED is caused by low T. Even if you have diminished testosterone in your body and blood, you will also need to examine other factors to arrive at a better understanding of your condition. Can low testosterone cause ED, therefore? This is highly unlikely.

Low testosterone men with ED

However, low T can cause a diminishing appetite for sex, and so this is often associated with erectile dysfunction. On the other hand is the inquiry: does testosterone increase sex drive? The correct answer is that testosterone is a male sex hormone, and normal and high levels of testosterone do spike up your urge to hit the sheets more frequently.

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are a different kettle of fish entirely, and there is no basis to think they have anything to do with each other. Certain other factors including age and disease can be the root causes of your dysfunction.

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Though low T may not be to blame directly for ED, if you do exhibit symptoms of low T and are suffering ED, the physician may decide to investigate further in this way :

Examination and Testing

As far as low T and ED are concerned, there are many underlying factors at play. In this case, the patient’s mental state is as relevant as his or her physical health and condition. Tests and examinations will, therefore, explore mental, physical, and psychological well being.

The normal body checks will seek to determine hypogonadism or low T using physical bodily signs like weight, energy levels, breast size in men, or facial hair in women. Then blood and perhaps saliva samples will be requested to be tested at the lab. The patient’s medical history, as well as lifestyle, may also be investigated to pinpoint all possible factors for the ED problem.


Remember low T is rarely if ever directly responsible for erectile dysfunction. However, the mind is a powerful sex organ, and low T may cause reduced thoughts about sex as well as low libido. Ultimately, these could impact a lot on erectile function as well as sex in general. A diagnosis will take all this into consideration if the patient is in a proper testosterone clinic. A TRT will be decided on as the best treatment, along with any other treatment for the ED directly.


Treatment during TRT will pursue a controlled introduction of testosterone to build up levels. It is at the doctor’s discretion to decide which treatment record to use; however, injections give very quick results and are really effective.

Monitoring and Follow up

Improvements in libido and erectile function will be observed closely. Medication could be adjusted if necessary to ensure a good outcome. Additional therapies may be deemed necessary from time to time.